Tony La Russa to play Chief role with Diamondbacks

Diamondbacks President & CEO Derrick Hall made the announcement Saturday May 17, 2014 that Tony La Russa will join the  Diamondbacks organization as Chief Baseball Officer and will oversee the entire Baseball Operations Department. The Diamondbacks have been struggling to deliver wins and  have been better on the road than at home. D-Backs  manager Kirk Gibson realizes that and had no answer as to why that is. As of Saturday, prior to the beginning of Dodgers game D-Backs home record was at  4-18 but 12-10 on the road. When manager Kirk Gibson  was asked as to why the D-Backs have a better record on the road than they do at home he didn’t have a comment.

It is certain that with La Russa’s new role with the Diamondbacks will bring some changes in the organization. Of course being  two months in into the season will not make it easy. As Ken Kendrick said “it will take a while to get back to where we were, it will not happen overnight”.

One of the first orders of business for La Russa in his new role  is “to balance patience and urgency”; the urgency part being that the June draft is approaching and he is “curious about it … and being aware of any names  you have to get out there quickly”, and the patience part being the improvement of the organization and “bring the product of 50 years of being thought and  contribute the learning of different parts to an organization” is fortunate to  be getting the chance here. La Russa plans to have a conversation with Kirk  Gibson and Kevin Towers in the next few days and will address the team tomorrow morning prior to the start of the game, holding an early morning meeting with  the players.

There is a confidence in the organization that things are  going to get better. When asked about La Russa’s new role in the organization,
Towers replied that his “resume speaks for itself… you never have enough good baseball people in the front office”. As for Gibson, he said that “it is a great opportunity for me to improve and get better, and  feel that he has a lot to lend.” He also goes on to mention that he is on board with the decision, and the team is looking to get better.


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