The Milwaukee Bucks are really that bad

The Milwaukee Bucks are doing everything in their power to keep their strangle hold as the worst team in the NBA.

Not only are they a woeful 7 – 29, but they are near the bottom of the NBA rankings in key statistical categories: They are 29th in points per game (91.6) and that is a death deal because they give up an average 100 points per game (Rank 15th). By ranking 25th in rebounding and 20th in assist per game further illustrates why this teams only hope is to land the #1 lottery pick then pray.

On paper, the Bucks should be better. Larry Sands is a good young player and Ersan Ilyasova can play, he’s just choosing not to since he got paid $40 million dollars. John Henson is proving he belongs on the floor and Caron Butler is a true professional.

But they also have O.J. Mayo who can only score but is not doing that and Gary Neal who is probably wishing he was still in San Antonio. More players can be mentioned but why?

You can tell the season is in array when Gary Neal and Larry Sanders are going at it in the locker room after a loss to the Suns in Phoenix.

In watching the Bucks play, they are not fundamentally sound at all. They do not talk on defense and miss assignments that are not missed in a high school game. No one on the Bucks team appear to play for each other.

The only upside for coach Larry Drew and the Bucks is that they should have the number 1 pick in the draft if the lottery balls fall their way and they have needs everywhere.  In fact, they may be the only NBA team without a non-touchable player.

Bucks fans sorry to say it will get worse this year, but there is hope for next season, hopefully.


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