The Cavs-tastorphe is upon us

The Cleveland Cavaliers were built under the greatness of Lebron James and his grand design. The only problem (or not, depending on perspective) of Lebron’s design is that it is never built to last.

When the Cavs got crushed under the might of the Golden State Warriors in the NBA Finals for the second time in three seasons, making the on time they won seem more and more like a fluke, the urgency to add to a seemingly maxed out veteran squad may have reached a breaking point.

Kevin Love was always rumored to be the one that the Cavs would trade to get a star better suited for the solution to their Golden State problem. Instead, it was Kyrie Irving that stepped up to volunteer himself as tribute.

Albeit in a way that makes the Cavaliers uncomfortable.

All of the Cavaliers imminent problems can be pointed to the man behind their rise and fall and rise again. Lebron has helped put this current team together but with his free agency only a year away, he has excommunicated himself from the Cleveland brass and letting his moves to be unpredictable.

Even though they’re not unpredictable. Nearly everyone knew that he was going to return to Cleveland after his fourth season in Miami in 2014. It was reported as far back as the beginning of that season. That exit was also followed by a process of excommunication.

That process can be used to explain why the Jimmy Butler trade failed to materialize, why Chauncey Billups is not their new general manager and why Irving is now demanding a trade.

Although that may be avoided had the previous general manager was never allowed to walk out the door in the first place. There was a good chance Paul George would be in Cleveland rather than Oklahoma City had David Griffin remained with the Cavaliers. His undue departure and low-balling of Billups is the fault of unpopular Cavs owner Dan Gilbert.

If an Irving trade is going to happen, the best move to make for the now is with the Boston Celtics for Isaiah Thomas and whomever comes with him to make the salaries match. Both Lebron and Thomas will be free agents and should their fearless leader leave for Los Angeles as predicted, the Cavs can always bring the Brinks truck for Thomas to leave their future in a better place compared to 2010.


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