Sun Devil Women’s Volleyball Dominates Over Utah

Utah showed up tonight at the Wells Fargo Arena with plans to knock out Arizona State.

Too bad the Sun Devil Women’s Volleyball team didn’t get that memo.

It was a fight to the finish with the Sun Devils finally taking the match in the fifth set, 3-2.  Sun Devils took sets 1 and 2 with 25-19 and 25-21 and Utah took sets 3 and 4 with 25-16 and 25-23.  That left set 5 with a final score of 15-13 giving them the match.

Tonights game was filled with drama and long volleys that didn’t disappoint the small crowd that showed up to support the team.  Hey it is Halloween after all and this is a college campus.

Mercedes Binns was hit in the forehead by Macey Gardner during a long volley, leaving her a bit disoriented.  She stayed in, but other teammates kept an eye on her as she continued to hold her head and back out of plays.

The rotation came up and Binns took some time with the medic to make sure things were going to be alright and she headed back in.

Later in post-game Bianca Arellano said that she asked Binns if she was alright.  She refused to leave the court so Arellano played as usual setting up shots.

Play of the night had to go to Macey Gardner who slid off the end of the court into the advertising signs on her stomach, hitting the ball back into play.  No sooner had she gotten up, she hit another volley back into play.  It was as if her hands just knew where the ball was going to be and they showed up to perform.  The crowd was on their feet, holding their breath, then finally after several well played volleys the point was the Sun Devil’s.

Coach Jason Watson was visibly upset with some of the calls by the referee’s tonight, but when asked he said “they did the best they could” and left it at that.  There were many double hitting calls on the Sun Devils and they were given a yellow card for the complaining.

In total Gardner was highest in kills, 17, with Whitney Follette, 13, Binns 11 and McKenzie Willey bringing in 9.

Utah’s Chelsey Schofield held her own with 15 kills with Adora Anae coming in with 12.

Both teams had a total of 22 errors, which Gardner was not happy with, she had 5 and Willey had 6.

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