Sports Kave’s Week 17 NFL Picks





Final week of the season and it’s been a good one.  From the rookies of Cam Newton and Von Miller to the vets of Drew Brees and Calvin Johnson, a ton of great performances.  Thank you all for following the predictions and we hope you enjoyed.  Let’s close this one out in style.

Season totals:

Jeff:  129-62     Paul:  118-73    Guests: 64-37

Sunday January 1, 2012:

Detroit vs. Green Bay:     Jeff – Green Bay      Paul – Detroit

Indianapolis vs. Jacksonville:     Jeff – Jacksonville        Paul – Jacksonville

NY Jets vs. Miami:     Jeff- NY Jets      Paul – Miami

Carolina vs. New Orleans:     Jeff – New Orleans      Paul – New Orleans

Chicago vs. Minnesota:     Jeff – Minnesota      Paul – Minnesota

Buffalo vs. New England:     Jeff – New England     Paul – New England

Tennessee vs. Houston:     Jeff – Tennessee     Paul – Tennessee

Washington vs. Philadelphia:     Jeff – Philadelphia     Paul – Philadelphia

San Francisco vs. St. Louis:     Jeff – San Francisco     Paul – San Francisco

Tampa Bay vs. Atlanta:     Jeff – Atlanta     Paul – Atlanta

Seattle vs. Arizona:     Jeff – Arizona      Paul – Seattle

San Diego vs. Oakland:     Jeff – Oakland      Paul – Oakland

Kansas City vs. Denver:      Jeff – Kansas City      Paul – Denver

Pittsburgh vs. Cleveland:     Jeff – Pittsburgh      Paul – Pittsburgh

Balitmore vs. Cincinnati:      Jeff – Baltimore      Paul – Baltimore

Dallas vs. NY Giants:     Jeff – NY Giants       Paul – Dallas


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