Shaka.. Smart Enough Not To Take The Illinois Job..

Shaka Smart has made it clear for now that VCU is where he wants to be. That is evident as he turned down the University of Illinois head coaching position.

It’s reported that Smart was offered over $2 million dollars per year to replace recently dismissed Bruce Weber, but he said no and will continue, for now, to collect his $1.2 million per year at VCU.

Recently on the Dan Patrick show, Smart said how money is not always the way to happiness. That could not be truer than in this situation. Instead of taking the Illinois job and all that comes with it, Smart has decided to stay with VCU another year.

This may prove to be a good decision because VCU is coming off another NCAA appearance and returning four starters. That should give VCU and Smart a good shot at returning to the NCAA tournament next year. At Illinois, they are coming off a disappointing year with no tournament appearance.

If VCU has another good year, and there is no reason why they shouldn’t, Smart will have even more offers and maybe one more attractive than Illinois.


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