Report: Daryl Washington applied to NFL for reinstatement

LAS VEGAS – One of the strangest stories surrounding the Arizona Cardinals is the situation with linebacker Daryl Washington, and when he’ll be back with the team.

According to NFL spokesman Greg Aiello, via Fox Sports 910’s Mike Jurecki, things haven’t progressed much at all regarding Washington.

“There is no change in his status, and we have nothing further to report,” Aiello said.

Washington was eligible to apply for reinstatement 60 days prior to the one-year mark of his substance abuse suspension, which began May 30, 2014. That would’ve been at the end of March. Things have been so quiet that people wondered if Washington ever put in the application, but according to Jurecki, Washington indeed followed through.

azcentral sports’ Cardinals insider Kent Somers took a look at the steps the NFL, Washington and the Cardinals have to take before Washington can return.


He must provide all “pertinent information” to the NFL about the following, according to the NFL’s policy:

  • His treatment.
  • Abstinence from substances of abuse throughout the entire period of his banishment.
  • Involvement with any substances of abuse-related incidents.
  • Arrests and/or convictions for any criminal activity.

 The NFL

Per the substance abuse policy:

  • Within 45 days of receipt of the application, Washington will be interviewed by the medical director and the medical adviser, after which a recommendation will be made to Commissioner Roger Goodell with regard to the request for reinstatement.
  • The commissioner’s staff and that of NFLPA executive director DeMaurice Smith staff will review Washington’s substance abuse history, including but not limited to attendance at counseling sessions (individual, group and family); attendance at 12-step and other self-help group meetings; periodic progress reports; and all diagnostic findings and treatment recommendations.
  • Washington will submit to urine testing by an NFL representative at a frequency determined by the medical advisor.
  • Washington will agree in a meeting with Goodell, or his representative(s), to comply with the conditions for his reinstatement.
  • All individuals involved in the process will take steps to enable Goodell to render a decision within 60 days of the receipt of the application.

The Cardinals

The only team employee, other than other players, who could talk with Washington during the last year was Anthony Edwards, senior director of player development. Under the NFL’s substance abuse program, Edwards could speak with Washington by phone every two weeks.

Head coach Bruce Arians and the Cardinals have moved on without Washington. The last time Arians was asked about Washington, he said that it was a “waste of breath” to talk about him, since he wasn’t part of the 90-man roster, and he wasn’t with the team in a contributory manner.


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