Rajon Rondo… Is the shine really gone??

If you were buying Rajon Rondo stock in 2010, you were sitting on a goldmine. If you own that same stock in 2015, it’s probably worth a little more than Enron stock.

If you’re an NBA team that is in the market for a grumpy and immature point guard that has his own agenda he is your guy.

The shine of the point guard that helped future Hall of Fame players Kevin Garnett, Ray Allen and Paul Pierce win their first NBA title has faded.

Three years ago, teams flirted with the idea of giving Rondo a max-contract, now he’s a man without a team. Rumors have him possibly signing in Sacramento or with the Los Angeles Lakers. Correct, neither team is a serious playoff let alone title contending team.

Last season, Rondo was handed the best get out of jail free card when he was traded from a rebuilding Boston Celtic team to the Dallas Mavericks. A playoff team with an owner who will open his wallet to put the best players on the court.

But instead of embracing this opportunity, Rondo decided to get into a shouting match with his head coach Rick Carlisle and basically quit on his teammates in the playoffs.

The Mavericks chalked up his playoff performance to a back injury and deactivated him for the rest of the playoffs. Yes, that’s the polite way of publicly saying “Never come back, your services are no longer needed”.

A trusted Boston Celtics person told me that when Rondo was traded, the locker room was like “A breath of fresh air” and “the mood instantly changed”.

Because of his reputation of what happened in Boston and Dallas, things become interesting for a very good point guard that does not have a good shooting touch.



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