Quarter season NFL report 2012

We are a quarter of the way through the NFL season and it’s been one of the most talked about and exciting seasons in a long time. We’ve had: The New Orleans Saints and Bounty Gate, Locked out officials, teams that are supposed to be losers look great and teams that are supposed to look good look terrible.


The only thing to do at this point is give a way TheSportsKave’s quarter season reports:


Most Positive Surprise:   Arizona Cardinals


This was easy. The Arizona Cardinals being 4 – 0 has to be the feel good story of the season so far. The Cardinals looked mediocre at best during the pre-season. In fact they looked like a team that couldn’t get out of its own way. Their head coach Ken Wisenhunt didn’t decide on a starting quarterback until days before their first regular season game. He picked John Skelton to lead the team because he looked a tad better than Kevin Kolb, the quarterback they thought would be their quarterback of the future. Kolb looked shaky during preseason games and was accused of having happy feet and being scared.


Then the season rolls around Skelton goes out injured, and Kolb only leads the Cardinals to a 4 – 0 start including wins over New England (in Foxboro) and Philadelphia. Will the Cardinals keep it up, only time will tell?


Most Disappointing:   New Orleans Saints


Everyone knew that the Saints would have it tough this year with all the suspensions due to Bounty Gate. If Sean Payton didn’t get the recognition he deserved before as a great head coach, he will for sure now because without him the Saints are 0 – 4 to start the season. Without their suspended, coach the Saints do not have that overall team leader to right the ship.

Drew Brees is doing his best to keep the offensive side of the ball together but even that is coming up short as he has thrown some untimely interceptions. Defensively the Saints are missing once suspended, now reinstated but still injured Jonathan Vilma who is their leader.

Look no further than this statistic and you will see why the Saints are struggling: The Saints have scored 110 points and have given up 130.


Team Grades:


It’s still early in the season and grading each team this early would be a bit much, but there are four teams that are getting an ‘A’ grade and there are four teams getting an ‘F’ grade and here they are:



The Arizona Cardinals: For all the reasons stated above

The Atlanta Falcons: The Falcons are playing incredibly well and are off to a 4 – 0 start and have emerged as the best team in the NFC south division. They are playing well on both sides of the ball. Matt Ryan is showing why he is rated as one of the top 10 quarterbacks in this league.

The Houston Texans: The Texans are simply the best team in football. They are complete on defense and Matt Shaub is playing very well at the quarterback position. It’s impossible to say any team will go undefeated, but if any team will, this is the team that can do it.

Minnesota Vikings: Who saw 3 -1 coming to start the season. There are obviously better teams in the league, but head coach Leslie Frazier has this team playing hard. They beat Detroit on the road in game that they could have looked over simply because they were coming off a huge win at home against the San Francisco 49ers, which many pick to go to the Super Bowl. Not sure how long this run will last, but credit must be given when it’s due.



New Orleans Saints: For all the reasons listed above

The Dallas Cowboys: Every year is supposed to be the year for the Cowboys but it never is. Tony Romo can’t make a good decision and his offensive line can’t hold a block long enough to let any plays develop which makes it hard for Demarco Murray to run the ball. This appears to be another long season in Big-D.

The Detroit Lions: The Lions are not sneaking up on anyone. They have given up a kickoff and punt return touchdown in consecutive games. They have no running game and teams are triple teaming Calvin Johnson. This will be long season for the Lions.

Cleveland Browns: The Browns are just terrible for every reason you can think. The lone bright spot, rookie running back Trent Richardson and that is it.  



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