Pick ’ems week 4 2014

TheSportsKave suffers its first defeat at NFL Pick ‘ems last week, congratulations to @SportzFanChris you win a free lunch on us. Up next, @chelnic, can she out pick us? We shall see.

Season Record:

TheSportsKave: 19 – 13                                                      Guests: 18 – 14

SK Pick Guest Pick
Thursday September 25th
NYG vs. Washington   NYG   Washington
Sunday, September 28th
Green Bay vs. Chicago   Chicago   Chicago
Buffalo vs. Houston   Houston   Houston
Indy vs. Tennessee   Indy   Indy
Carolina vs. Baltimore   Baltimore   Baltimore
Detroit vs. NYJ   NYJ   Detroit
Tampa Bay vs. Pittsburgh   Pittsburgh   Pittsburgh
Miami vs. Oakland   Oakland   Miami
Jax vs. San Diego   San Diego   San Diego
Atlanta vs. Minnesota   Atlanta   Atlanta
Philadelphia vs. San Francisco   San Francisco   San Francisco
New Orleans vs. Dallas   Dallas   New Orleans
Monday, September 29th
New England vs. Kansas City   New England   New England



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