Phillip Sims’ “confidence never waivers”

GLENDALE, Ariz. – Phillip Sims is chasing his dream so hard that he’s been practically living out of a suitcase for the last couple of months.

“Pretty much; probably about the last six (or) seven months,” Sims said. “Since I left college (Winston-Salem State) and went training and all that stuff, it’s pretty much (keep the) car packed full of clothes, keep all your toiletries and stuff (with) your clothes; (it’s) your day-to-day living. But hey, take advantage of it and enjoy it.”

Sims increased his wardrobe over the summer. He went back home, reloaded, and now he’s got about two weeks worth of clothes to work with.

“If I’m here longer than two weeks, I just gotta find somebody with a washing machine, or I need to go to Wal-Mart,” Sims said. “I’m going to enjoy it every single day. It’s a dream.”

Sims is in a fierce battle with Logan Thomas and Chandler Harnish for the third quarterback spot on the Arizona Cardinals’ roster. He’s doing all he can to stand out from them, and catch head coach Bruce Arians’ eye, which he’s already done.

“Yeah, he’s (Sims) been very consistent since the day he showed up for a tryout,” Arians said. “(He) can articulate the offense in the huddle, (he) knows why he’s throwing the ball where he’s throwing it, and when he makes a mistake, he can put it behind him and go on to the next play. I like that about a quarterback.”

When Sims was told about what Arians said about him, his facial expression didn’t change one bit. He’s not looking for praise from his head coach. All he’s about is putting his head down and working hard.

“I come to work every day, no matter if I have a good day, (a) bad day, compliments, criticisms, it doesn’t matter. You gotta come every day with the mindset to get better. That’s how I take it,” Sims said.

Sims, Thomas and Harnish have each other’s backs, but when the rubber meets the road, there’s only one man that can have that spot. Sims says he’ll do whatever it takes to be the victorious one.

“You just gotta come in and give your best effort every day, and worry about what you can control. At the end of the day, that’s all you have is control over your play,” Sims said. “You can’t worry about the good and bad things somebody else does, it doesn’t really matter; make it hard for them to cut you, don’t worry about what somebody else is doing.”

Sims is in a strange predicament. His vision is flat out terrible. The vision in his left eye is 20/100, and it’s 20/50 in his right eye. He was supposed to get contacts, but he hasn’t gotten them yet, so he’s playing with very poor eyesight.

“I mean it’s not like I go on the field and I can’t see anything. I can see people, colors, all that kind of stuff, it’s just (the) scoreboard all the way down on the other end, sometimes the numbers get kind of blurry, and you can’t see all that kind of stuff,” Sims said. “I’m pretty good. I can see pretty good – if you consider 20/50 pretty good – I can see pretty good out of the right eye, so I make up for it.”

Lasik surgery is Sims’ next step, but it’ll have to wait until the offseason, because if he has it now, he’ll have to be out of action for a couple weeks until things settle back in with his eyes.

“In the situation I’m in, you can’t afford two weeks off,” Sims said. “I’ve been playing this way for 22 years; it got me here, so we’ll see if it can take me further.”

Sims might only have a few weeks worth of clothes and bad vision, but nothing’s going to deter him from fulfilling his dreams of being a quarterback in the NFL. Sims is hoping he’ll be backing up Carson Palmer and Drew Stanton this season.

“My confidence never waivers. I know the talent that God blessed me with, and I’m going to come out here and try and showcase that every day,” Sims said. “Confidence is one thing that you’ll have a hard time taking away from me. I know how hard I worked to get here, and I’m not going to let nobody shake that from me. I know what I put in, so I’m going to keep working and see what I can do next.”

“I haven’t made this team, I don’t know if I will make this team, but if I go out, I’m going out swinging,” Sims said.


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