Peralta beaned by Fernandez fastball

PHOENIX, Ariz. – It was a tense moment at Chase Field on Wednesday as Arizona Diamondbacks outfielder David Peralta was hit in the helmet and shoulder by a 97 MPH fastball from Miami Marlins pitcher Jose Fernandez.

The sound that echoed through the stadium was horrendous as the ball made the majority of its contact with Peralta’s helmet near his ear.

Fernandez seemed devastated after the incident occurred. With his hands on his head, he approached home plate to be sure Peralta was OK while he was being checked on.

This sparked a tirade from hitting coach Turner Ward, who barked at home plate umpire Victor Carapazza and Fernandez for the pitcher to return to the mound while medical staff checked on Peralta. Ward was ejected shortly after.

Peralta seemed fine in the clubhouse after the game. Concussion tests were negative.

“It was a scary moment. As soon as I saw the ball out of his hand, it was right in my face,” Peralta told media after the game. “At the first moment when I went to the ground, I was so scared. But it happens.”

He also provided an update on how he was feeling. “I feel good. I don’t feel anything. I passed the test. I’m good. I’m ready to go.”

When asked if he thought the pitch was intentional, Peralta didn’t think so. “No, definitely not. I don’t think it was that way. I mean it just came out of his hand. It happens. It happens. There’s nothing you can do about that.”


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