Pay college athletes? Yes

Everyone has a difference of opinion when it comes to college athletes getting paid or not. There are those that feel they are getting a free education. A benefit that a lot of other students do not have. They have their meals paid for, room and board, and they get to see the country and in some cases the world as they travel for games. Some feel that you can’t pick and choose which athletes get paid. According to Title 9 if you pay the men’s football team $100 each, you have to pay the women’s lacrosse team the same.

I do not agree with this. I know some of you are throwing your hands in the air saying “what are you talking about Paul?”, but hear me out. I believe in equal treatment for every college athlete, man, woman or sport. They should all have the right to the same education. The men’s football team should not have a better lunch than the men’s archery team, that I agree with one hundred percent, but they are not the same. Sometimes, I think we try so hard to show equality, that we forget there are and will always be inequalities.

Men’s football is a revenue driven sport. The Michigan Wolverines put 100,000 butts in seats eight Saturdays per year. I’m sorry folks the gymnastic team does not. You can find people wearing Arizona State football and basketball jerseys, but not the girls softball jerseys, and they are the champs! It’s just life folks. Is it fair? No, but it‘s life. The other teams should still get their scholarships, but maybe not paid.

There should be a tier system for how athletes are paid. Take the revenue that each sport drives and divide that by a yet to be determined percent. If the sport is in the green, pay the athletes that percent, if it’s not, their education is their pay. You then remove the athletes from revenue driven sports stating the obvious that everyone gets rich off of them.

This plan would take guts but it will also prepare our young adults that everything in life is not fair. Jobs are not given out fairly. You have to earn them. Even though their job is very important, teachers do not make as much baseball players. Why? people simply don’t pay $90 per ticket to watch them teach. Same in college sports. You can’t get 100,000 people to watch men’s or women’s college golf, but they will wait in line to buy a football ticket.

I know there are several of you that do not share my opinion, but if something isn’t done soon to help even the field between the unpaid athletes and the NCAA, Universities, EA Sports, media companies, etc. getting paid off them, we will continue to have the Miami and Ohio State stories.


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2 thoughts on “Pay college athletes? Yes”

  1. avatar Sean H. says:

    Basically, your argument isn’t that athletes should get paid, but you think it should be adjusted by sport? That’s probably even worse. Because NOW you’d get athletes at the same school bickering about money. And what about Two-sport athletes? Should they get TWO checks?
    I think a scholarship and free clothes and shoes is MORE than enough payment. Think about it. a Student athlete has ZERO expenses. Aside from pocket money ( movies, music, junk food on weekends, etc) he doesn’t even NEED money.
    AND if we open up the door to paying athletes do you think East Carolina or Chicago State would be able to pay the same amount as say, Michigan, Ohio State or Texas? All you’d be doing is opening up the door for even MORE cheating or Boosters funding cash and supplementing player’s paychecks. They’d probably have to allow “Signing Bonuses” at some point.

    • avatar Chet says:

      PLR…I am going to disagree, respectfully of course, with this. I have several reasons, but here is my main reason. When you take a player that is at school, to supposedly have an education first, then place a salary they get to play a sport, it no longer becomes a place of education. It becomes a place of business. The player may be an all star on a college level, but consider the following. Many student athletes have left school before graduation to pursue their athletic career. Upon doing this, they didn’t even come close to performing at the professional grade. Yes, there are exceptions to the rule, however they should not control being paid when you are a student.

      The revenue these schools bring in from these sports should not be dished out to the athletes. If anything, it should go towards lowering the cost of education, or even better towards education programs in the community. In this day and age with the school programs constantly being cut for the young minds out there, they could use a lot of financial help. The price of education has gotten so out of hand, that it’s almost pointless to go to school.

      If a student is in an engineering program at school, and develops a machine/process to save the school $1,000,000 a year in operating costs, should the student be rewarded financially? My answer is still no. You go to school to better yourself as a whole.

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