Orlando, he’s not Coming back!

I’m not one for a bunch of clichés but when appropriate we must say it: “The horse is out of the barn”. Message to the Orlando Magic, “Dwight Howard is gone” and there is nothing you can do to stop it.

The Magic have a decision to make; do they trade Howard and get the best possible deal or do they save money and allow him to walk at the end of the season?

The Magic not only should move him they should have moved him. To think that you are going to get equal value for Howard is not only a dream it is ridicules. You will never get full value for a superstar. You have to take the best pieces you can and hope that they can propel your team to victories.

You will always have unhappy fans when the face of the franchise leaves, but if you get nothing in return, that makes the situation worse and considering the Magic went through this when Shaquille O’Neal left, they should have a better idea how to handle this situation.

The Brooklyn Nets offered what seemed, on paper, to be the best deal out there when they offered: three first round picks, Brook Lopez, Marshon Brooks and Kris Humphries, but reports say the Magic were so consumed with trading the bad contracts of Jason Richardson and Hedu Turkoglu, that they forgot the most important goal of getting pieces back for Howard.

The Magic tried again today to convince Howard to stay, but they still have no coach or traded for or signed any impact players that would change the landscape of the team. And no, re-signing Jameer Nelson doesn’t count. To that, Howard said he still wants out.

However, the Magic should not just make a trade for the sake of doing so. Howard is still under contract and they could force him into being a professional and make him open the season with the team and live up to his agreement.  

The problem is, Howard changes his mind so much, no team is going to make a deal for him unless they know for a fact he will sign long term. And since Howard has made up his mind that Brooklyn is his only choice, he has handcuffed himself.

The Phoenix Suns and the New Orleans Hornets may have the most free agent money, but they are not on his list. And realistically, if he came to Phoenix with the talent they have amassed this off-season, they would become instant contenders in the west, but the Suns are not the team Howard wants to be a part of.

So we are right back at the beginning, Howard wants to leave Orlando; Orlando wants him to stay but knows he will leave and Orlando can’t decide what to do. This is now the worst marriage in the NBA and unlike Gladys Knight who said “Neither one of want to be the first to say goodbye”, Howard is trying to say goodbye, but Orlando wants a new spouse that the fans will like before they divorce this one. But if they don’t act soon, they will lose him and have nothing to show for it.


Thanks to ESPN and the Bleacher Report


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