Notes from Day 3 at Cards Camp 2013

Cooper Signs 4 year Deal

Afer a long negotiation that was surprising to many, the Arizona Cardinals announced on Sunday that 1st round draft pick Jonathan Cooper has signed a deal with the team. And that deal is not a cheap one, as the 7th overall pick is signed to a 4 year, $14.5 million contract with a signing bonus worth somewhere between $9 – $10 million. Cooper, who played left guard for North Carolina, was considered by many to one of the top guard prospects in the 2013 NFL Draft. The timing of his signing was poetic, as Cardinals coach Bruce Arians almost sounded like he was at the end of his rope when asked about Cooper’s holdout. Arians had already mentioned being frustrated with the play of the offensive line early in camp, stating he has seen “too many mental errors”. As fast as he could mention Cooper already being a week behind in practice, he was handed a a press release announcing that the 6’2″ guard had signed with Arizona. Arians commented “He’s still missed time, but I’m alot happier now.”

 Colledge, Williams leg injuries

Sunday’s practice saw two players cut out short due to leg injuries.  Guard Daryn Colledge was carted to the locker room around the mid point after coming off the field with sharp pains in his right leg. Arians later said that the injury is nerve damage and not a fracture, but there is no timetable on his return. Running back Ryan Williams also missed time due to an injury to his surgeically repaired right knee. The MRI on Williams knee came back with nothing significant found, but the Cardinals are having it looked at for a second opionion just to be safe.

Fitz may get help from receivers Floyd and….Peterson?

Michael Floyd had a quiet first season, but he may be poised to have a breakout season in2013. With the double coverage that Fitzgerald will continue to see, Michael Floyd and new QB Carson Palmer may just become BFFs. Early in camp, we saw Floyd make some impressive, athletic catches in both the middle of the field and at the sidelines. He also took some deep passes from Palmer that had the fans excited about the potential. But the biggest surprise on day 3 of camp was to see  CB Patrick Peterson taking some offensive reps at Wide Receiver and even making a few spectacular catches himself. Could he be Arians’ secret weapon this season? Stay tuned! 


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