“No structural damage” in Carson Palmer’s shoulder

TEMPE, Ariz. — What a difference a day can make when you’re talking injuries and your starting quarterback.

On Wednesday, Cardinals quarterback Carson Palmer was excused from practice so he could go to Los Angeles to consult with spine and nerve specialists and see exactly what the problem is with the stubborn nerve in his right shoulder.

Palmer says he got “no new feedback” from the doctors he met with, but the diagnosis he did get was quite encouraging.

“No structural damage to the shoulder, no surgery, it’s not career ending, it’s not season ending, nothing like that,” Palmer said. “So that was all positive.”

This entire saga with Palmer, his nerve and shoulder has been very strange. The strangest thing is that Palmer was told it’s a “one in 100,000 shot” that the nerve would be hit in the exact way it was hit. It’s a rare occurrence to see this happen, especially in sports.

“This is not a typical football injury,” Palmer said. “[The] doctor I saw yesterday sees them a lot in car accidents, so it’s not something that’s run of the mill that the training room sees all the time.”

Palmer has tried dry-needling, deep tissue massages, acupuncture and a few different exercises to try and wake up the nerve and keep it awake, but for some reason it just doesn’t want to cooperate. It’s certainly not for a lack of effort on Palmer’s part, and the part of the doctors and medical and training staffs of the Cardinals.

“Nerves are very finicky,” Palmer said. “It’s not like a sprained ankle when all of a sudden the ankle’s healed [and] you’re back.”

“Nerves, from what I’ve learned, they take time,” Palmer said. “Sometimes they take a little pushing, sometimes they take rest, it just kind of depends.”

“It’s very unpredictable,” Palmer said. “I threw a little bit and that frustrated the nerve obviously, and [I] just have to wait until it’s ready.”

Palmer didn’t put any added velocity on his passes last week. He said he threw “20 percent” of what he typically throws velocity wise in practice, so he wasn’t wild with his rehab throws.

“I haven’t gone out there and just try to chuck the ball over the field, because that’s not what they’ve told me to do,” Palmer said.

When asked could he go if the Broncos game were to be played on Friday, Palmer flat out said no. He was out on the side practice field on Thursday jogging and going through footwork and dodging drills, but he didn’t throw at all.

Palmer’s unsure whether or not he’ll throw on Friday. He’s going by what the doctors tell him to do.

“[I’m] just going to continue to stick to the protocol, and hope and pray that it wakes back up and I’m ready to roll,” Palmer said.

Regardless of what happens with Palmer and his nerve over the next few days, he’s keeping his mind focused on the team.

“I know the game plan in and out, just like I did last week and the week before,” Palmer said. “I’m gonna do everything I can to help guys around me, to help Drew [Stanton] obviously.”

“I’m gonna continue to stay positive and be as influential as I can without getting in the way,” Palmer said.




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