Marlins throwback jerseys a hit among players

In an effort to bring more fans to the game, the Miami Marlins are putting the phrase “rooting for the laundry” to the test by breaking out the original teal pinstripes and caps during their 25th anniversary weekend.

They were an instant hit among the players. Miguel Rojas was a Marlins fan growing up in Venezuela watching fellow countrymen Alex Gonzalez and Miguel Cabrera win the 2003 World Series. Teal is also his favorite color so this is a double whammy for him.

The Marlins brought back a replica of the scoreboard in left field, as well as honoring some of the players from the last 25 years. Center fielder Lewis Brinson also grew up a Marlins fan, coming from Fort Lauderdale and graduating from Coral Springs High School.

“Playing for them now is icing on the cake,” Brinson told “Getting to wear these uniforms for the weekend is the cherry on top.”

Marlins manger Don Mattingly also looked good in the teal throwbacks, especially taking a liking to the pinstripe portion of the uniforms.

“They’re good looking,” Mattingly said. “It was interesting to see them in the locker room and the hats. Definitely different from what they are right now. I think they’re kind of cool.”

A Marlins rebrand has been rumored to be inevitable with Jeter in charge. Given that both he and Mattingly have played their entire careers in the Yankee pinstripes, maybe that is something they bring back to the Marlins. It certainly works for Mattingly, who said he likes the “classy” look.

“These are good-looking unis, they really are,” Mattingly said. “They’re a good look. It’s what you picture when you think about their teams so it’s good to see them out there. I think guys liked them. Actually I think they really liked them.”

Should the Marlins return to the teal for good? On top of the Marlins rocking the throwbacks, the team also sold $4 upper deck tickets similar to their inaugural 1993 ticket prices. The Marlins have the lowest attendance in the big leagues and Friday’s attendance was around the average. The fan base felt jolted by the teal uniforms and voiced their opinions on Twitter praising the look to the point of demanding that the throwbacks become permanent.

If this is enough to grow the fanbase, it would be silly for the Marlins not to make the teal real.


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