Marlins go full Miami with new logo, uniforms

The Miami Marlins completed the process of shedding the dead ownership skin and showing off a brand new version of themselves with a new logo, color scheme and uniforms.

They kept the black but ditched the orange. The Marlin was brought back into the forefront with a more powerful, shadowy silhouette with a blue outline. The Mario looking M was replaced with a more Latin American style M with inspirations pulled from the original Miami Marlins and the Havana Sugar Kings from back in the 1950s.

Blue and red, like two thirds of Major League Baseball, are a part of the color scheme but are both secondary to midnight black, which has been central to Marlins uniforms since winning their first World Series in 1997.

Blue officially joining the color scheme has been a rumor since late August. The Marlins went with a blue hat with a black logo and bill for Players Weekend as if they were trotting out a prototype. One of the players said that this was the new color going into 2019 and it showed in one of the alternate jerseys. Aside from the home whites and road grays, there’s an alternative black jersey with Miami Blue and Caliente Red serving as the outlines to the name and numbers. There’s also a blue alternative jersey with the cap logo on the chest.

There was plenty of clamoring from the fan base for the Marlins to return to their teal roots. As tempting as it was, CEO Derek Jeter said there was a desire for the current ownership group to put their unique mark on the Marlins.

“We thought about it, but we wanted to move forward as an organization, and not necessarily look back,” Jeter said. “We will still offer the teal uniforms in retail. We know how special it is. There’s a lot of history, a winning history, with those colors. But we wanted to move forward.”

The 2018 season was a transitional year for the Marlins. Jeter laid the ground work for a new foundation. Some of it was displayed on the field, the rest of it was stored in a rebuild farm system. This offseason was where the group got to work their magic. President of Business Operations Chip Bowers was brought in from the Golden State Warriors to refine and renovate Marlins Park to coincide with the rebrand. The Marlins made sure to keep their promise that 2019 would be much different by removing the home run sculpture from centerfield that was a monument to Jeffery Loria’s 15-year reign as Marlins owner.

For the first time, the Marlins actually look like Miami’s team. Not with the garish representation that everyone from the outside perceived Miami but how the inside truly sees it.




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