Luke Voit: From being in a broken bus to among the big bombers of the Bronx

Being from St Louis, Luke Voit should’ve been a Cardinal for life. He climbed up their minor league ladder but after a year in Busch Stadium, he was traded to the New York Yankees for a pair of pitchers. 

But he didn’t feel like a stranger, nor played like one. In his first 45 at-bats for the second best team in baseball, Voit is slashing a hot .333/.388/.600 with a four home runs and 11 RBI. 

“This team took me in with open arms,” Voit said. “I didn’t feel different, like an outcast or anything. Everyone has been real cool to me.”

It helped to have a fellow former Cardinal in starting pitcher Lance Lynn to be the first one to embrace him upon entry to the hallow grounds of Yankee Stadium. 

Voit spent years as the biggest players on his team throughout the minor leagues and even in St. Louis. Then he found himself among giants in his current clubhouse. 

“That’s funny because when I showed up, I thought I was the 10th biggest guy on the team,” said Voit, who would probably be the small forward on a basketball team made entirely out of Yankees. “There’s so many guys that are gigantic on this team. This team got a bunch of big studs on it. It’s pretty impressive.” 

Apparently the Yankee clubhouse is like the Venice Muscle Beach of baseball. Life in the show is different when donning the pinstripes. For one thing, the rivalry is more intense. 

Even Voit, who has played in the Cardinals-Cubs rivalry series before as a rookie noticed a huge difference when playing against the Boston Red Sox in Fenway Park. 

“I know I played last year at St. Louis but man, taking BP on that field is probably one of the coolest place with the green monster,” Voit said. “It’s pretty cool to say you played on the same field as some of the all-time greats.”

The path to the big leagues is always an impressive and interesting collection of stories involving how one overcame an episode or two of adversity along the way. In Voit’s case, his path involved adversity in the form of Texas League style transportation.

“Our bus broke down in the middle of Arkansas,” Voit said, “and we had this church bus pick us up. We stayed at a church for three hours while we had to wait for another bus to come from Springfield to pick us up to take us another three hours. Our trainer went out and got us like 100 Taco Bell tacos and so we sat at this church for 3-4 hour eating Taco Bell and playing cards. We didn’t get back until 10:00 in the morning.”

Almost literally from the outhouse to the penthouse. 


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