Lolo Jones crime… being marketable.. How Sad!

She is one hundred percent guilty. It is Lolo Jones to blame that she is good looking, talented and has marketability. How dare her piss off her teammates by garnering attention from the media. How dare her for pissing off the media and not living up to the hype and the stories that were ready to go to print about how she redeemed herself for tripping on the last hurdle in Beijing and missing out her gold medal.

Silver medal winner in the 100 meter hurdles Dawn Harper used an interview with Sports Illustrated as an opportunity to take a shot at Jones. She further exacerbated the situation with teammate and 100 meter hurdle bronze medal winning teammate Kellie Wells, in an interview with Michelle Beadle.

Harper had an opportunity to tell her story and her trials and tribulation to win gold in 2008 and leave it at that. Her accomplishments seemed almost insurmountable; she spoke of working three jobs, wearing someone else shoes and coming off knee surgery. All of which is incredible. This makes her need to slam a teammate seem catty and jealousy driven.

Then for Wells to follow it up with the statement “the three girls that earned their spot (on the podium) and they got their medals and they worked hard and did what they needed to do, prevailed. And that’s all that really needs to be said”, followed by Harper saying “BOOM! Just like that”, basically said Jones didn’t earn her spot on the starting blocks.

Jones responded to some of the backlash by saying she is not the “Anna Kournikova of track” because she is the “American record indoor holder” and she has “two indoor work titles”. Jones went on to illustrate how she trained “for 4-years…. six days per week for a twelve second race” and she “fought hard for her country” makes it unfair that she should receive so much “backlash”.

Remember, Olympic track spots are earned not given. There comes a time when you have to tell your story and allow that to stand on its own merit. Bringing down someone else to bolster yourself is not the way you endear yourself to the masses.

As stated earlier, Harpers story is a great one; it speaks of perseverance and dedication that very few have. But, Jones story also speaks of the same traits. Her only crime is being marketable and coming up short in her pursuit of an Olympic medal.

At this point Jones should allow those that want to speak, speak. If teammates and the New York Times decide to be critical, let them. She should continue to persevere, keep training and set her sights on the Olympics in 2016 and allow the rest will take care of itself.


Thanks to Info from NBC and SB Nation.


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