Is It Panic Time For The Red Sox?

No team in baseball is more ready to get home than the Boston Red Sox as they lost again to the Toronto Blue Jays bringing their record to 1 -5 to start the season.

The Red Sox can’t seem to put a game together when their hitting and pitching efforts match.

It’s way too early in the season to panic, but following last year’s late season collapse that cost the Red Sox a playoff berth, there has to be concern.

The Red Sox are trying to change the entire culture of their team to one that’s more serious and disciplined, which is the reason they dismissed Terry Francona and brought in Bobby Valentine.

If the Red Sox do not get their hitting and pitching together, going home will not be the magic elixir they want as they face the Tampa Bay Rays, a division rival and a team that is predicted to finish ahead of the Red Sox.


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