Gregg Williams May Be Gone For Good…

After damning audio was released, that further makes Williams look like an uncaring mercenary, look for NFL commissioner Roger Goodell to make an indefinite suspension feel like forever or so long that Williams will no longer be wanted by teams.

On a KaveShow earlier this year, former NFL player Carlos Brooks, stated that bounties were not a rare thing and it happens more than the NFL wanted to admit but it’s rare for a coach to leave such an easy trail to lead back to him. You combine that with the fact that he lied to Goodell, means no NFL for Williams for a long time to come.

With the NFL being sued right and left by former players, Goodell had no choice but to come down hard on any coach and/or front office personnel that had knowledge of bounties and did not report it or do anything to stop it. Goodell has shown in the past that he will always protect the shield first.

Even if the video by Sean Pamphilon should not have been leaked, it was and no one can turn off what they heard because the damage is done.

Things do not look good for Williams making a return anytime soon to the NFL and this does not disappoint Goodell who is looking to clean up the game.


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