Eli Elite? Yes.. Giants 21 – Patriots 17

Welcome to Canton Ohio Eli Manning, as your New York Giants won another Super Bowl on your watch by defeating the New England Patriots 21 – 17 in Super Bowl XLVI. This was the second time the Giants have defeated the Patriots in the Super Bowl in the last 4 years.

The Giants did it with a strong defense that had Tom Brady uncomfortable from the first play of the game when Brady was flagged for intentional grounding in the end zone giving the Giants an early 2 – 0 lead. That signified the type of night it was going to be for Brady.

The Patriots had key drops in critical situations that prevented them from either extending leads or putting the game away. On the flipside, the Giants receivers made big plays with none bigger than Manning’s fourth quarter 38 yards pass completion to Mario Manningham. Manning threw the perfect pass and Manningham made an incredible catch and managed to stay inbounds. That could have served as the sign that this was the Giants game to win.

So now Eli has two Super Bowl victories, with the last one coming in big brothers Peyton’s house. If anyone laughs at Eli calling himself an elite quarterback, the joke is now on you.


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