Drew Stanton won’t need surgery; will take it “day-to-day”

TEMPE, Ariz. – First, the Arizona Cardinals lose their No. 1 quarterback, Carson Palmer, to the Rams. Next, they lose their No. 2 signal caller, Drew Stanton, to the very same Rams team. Stanton went down in the third quarter against St. Louis on Thursday night with an apparent right knee injury.

It was hard to see Stanton fall and not be reminded of what happened to Palmer and where he is right now: not with the team.

Thankfully, Stanton’s diagnosis following his MRI was completely different.

“Drew [Stanton] does not need surgery,” head coach Bruce Arians said. “It’s just going to be rest and rehab and there’s no timetable set.”

“It’s very good news that he’s not going to need surgery,” Arians said.

That’s very encouraging news, considering what the Cardinals have been through with the rash of injuries they’ve suffered this season.

This Cardinals team is rough and rugged, and, according to Arians, can take much more punishment.

“Whatever it takes. Whatever it takes,” Arians said. “I don’t think there’s a doubt in anybody’s mind in that locker room that we can win every game.”

Arizona’s won 11 of their 13 games this season, despite the injury bug taking a big chunk out of them. Arians describes his running backs as “running back by committee.” He might have to dub his quarterbacks the same way.

Ryan Lindley came in during a tough situation and managed the game well enough to assure Arizona came away victorious [with some help from his teammates of course].

Arians thought Lindley handled himself quite well considering what he was thrown into.

“The poise and confidence that I knew he would have,” Arians said. “They [Rams] had some exotic blitzes. He was on top of his protections and his hots and sights.”

“That’s the thing that a young quarterback – if Logan [Thomas] would have gone in, he would’ve gotten some stuff he has never seen,” Arians said. “Ryan, I knew would handle that part better.”

Arians isn’t quite sure whom he’ll name as the starting quarterback when the Seattle Seahawks come calling next Sunday night. Arians said he’d probably wait until Sunday to make that call.

“I’ll just sit down and think about which one I want,” Arians said. “It has nothing to do about Logan [Thomas] and what I think about him as a player. I think he’s going to be a great player. It’s just the timing of it.”

Don’t think this is just a two-horse race at quarterback: Arians has a good feeling that Stanton will return at some point in the season.

“Yes, we feel he definitely has a chance to be back this season. We just don’t know when,” Arians said.

Arians says he’d be surprised if Stanton healed quick enough to be in uniform against Seattle, but he “wouldn’t put it past him” if he was ready.

Arians says Stanton is already wearing a knee brace and will be on crutches. Continuing on with one or the other, Arians says, will be a “day-to-day thing.”

Arizona can’t move forward with just two healthy quarterbacks on their roster. They’ll need at least one more quarterback in reserve until Stanton is ready to make a comeback.

“We still have to look at that,” Arians said. “Now that we know that Drew [Stanton] is not needing surgery, probably the best case scenario, we put one on the practice squad.”

That third quarterback definitely won’t be soon-to-be Hall-of-Famer Kurt Warner. Warner sent out a tweet shortly after the game asking if “they had an extra jersey in the locker room.” Of course Cardinals fans ate that up, hoping and dreaming about a Warner comeback.

Pump your brakes Cardinals fans: it ain’t happening.

“No, I talked to Kurt last night and Brenda [Warner] is not going to let him play,” Arians said.

So, now that we know Warner’s not coming back, it’s all about Lindley and Thomas, while we wait to see how Stanton improves and who Arians may or may not add to the roster or practice squad.

Arians will get the young quarterbacks he has as prepared as possible for the final two games and possibly the playoffs.

“It’s just a matter of having [them] comfortable,” Arians said. “Whether it’s 10 plays or 50 plays, the menu doesn’t have to be large, as long as [they] understand where the ball should go and why it should go there.”

“It could be a very short menu of 10 plays that might have four formations that could add up to 40, or it could be a list of plays, depending on what they’re comfortable with. You don’t want them going into the game not comfortable,” Arians said.






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