Diamondbacks without Peralta final 2 games

Phoenix, AZ – Arizona Diamondbacks outfielder David Peralta is done for the season due to a sprained wrist against the Colorado Rockies October 1st .

Peralta sprained his wrist during Thursday night’s game while diving for a catch in the outfield in the top of the fourth inning. Peralta was removed from the game at the end of the fifth inning due to his injury.

“The good news is nothing is broken” said Peralta, as he initially thought. He is only experiencing minor swelling and some soreness. The Diamondbacks are taking preventative action to prevent any further damage or injury to Peralta’s wrist. He is wearing a brace on his wrist for the next couple of weeks to help with the healing and was told take some rest.

When asked if Peralta would get an opportunity to play he said that “there’s no reason to try to get him in there” and that its “too much to mess around with” with only two games left in the season. Although not in the outfield, Peralta is in the dugout helping his team, and feeding them energy for the last games left. However, he says there are moments were he wants to get up and get out there and play.

Peralta will take some time off once the season is over, but will begin to train in November for winter and play in Venezuela for the second half of winter ball, saying he already feels better and “the more I play, the better I get”.

By Johanna-Rosalye Luna


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