D’Antoni…. Failed Experiment In New York!

It’s time for the New York Knicks to let the Mike D’Antoni experiment go if they have any hopes of making the playoffs this year. After the amazing run with Jeremy Lin, that saw the Knicks win seven games in a row and ten out of thirteen to get back to .500 and in the playoff and Atlantic Division race, they have now dropped their last 6 games and have played themselves out of the playoffs.

Carmelo Anthony is clearly upset with D’Antoni’s offense and the inability of the Knick guards to get him the ball where he can operate and Jeremy Lin is now being exposed by other great point guards. It’s not that Lin is playing terrible, but there is now tape on him and defenses have figured out where to push him and he hasn’t fully adjusted to that yet. That’s expected because this is his first real playing time since coming into the NBA.

But don’t be fooled by these things, the real problem is D’Antoni and his inability to even care about defense. During this current six game losing streak, the Knicks have yielded 100 points or more five times and three off those times the opponent scored over 115, that’s uncalled for.

Out of their next eleven games, the Knicks will probably only be favored in only four of those and if they go 4 – 7 they will be out of the playoffs for sure. There is no way the Knicks have invested that much money in their frontcourt to miss the playoffs.

Do the obvious New York, let D’Antoni go and go in a different direction before it’s too late and you miss the playoffs.


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