Cris Cyborg wins UFC debut

Cris Cyborg, what did you expect? 1st round KO, yeah, sounds about right. I might add that it was a slaughter from the moment the UFC announced the fight. No, I’m not talking about when Buffer introduced the fighters, I mean literally when the actual fight was booked and announced to the public. It does not matter who Cyborg fought tonight, because, in my opinion, her only  competition is Ronda, Holly, and Miesha. That’s it.

Cris Cyborg is the Brittney Griner of MMA. She can do things that other women just can’t do. Not for lack of talent but natural ability and athleticism. So, who does that make Ronda, Holly, and Miesha? Perhaps Maya Moore, Breanna Stewart, and Candace Parker?

I’ve got no clue what’s next for Cyborg because now she’s talking about defending her Invicta championship which honestly I don’t understand. I mean, you’re in the UFC now, you’ve already shown you’re better than every Invicta fighter. That’s like if an NBA player scored 50 points in his NBA debut in a playoff game, and then told the press he wanted to be sent back down to the D-League to win a title. Like, who does that? Who would want that?

Let’s talk about the fight, though. It was over in a flash, just like the main event was. From the very beginning, where Cyborg landed her very first punch, to the very end, it was total domination.

Cyborg just manhandled Leslie Smith. She dictated the fight, walked into Smith. Cyborg rocked Smith was a sharp right hook, evades the counter and feeds Smith a left along with a right. Then, Smith hits the floor, Cyborg jumps on her, lands some punches, and it was over before you knew it. Just a total domination from start to finish.

This was just a warm-up fight for Cyborg. This fight was like Drago’s fight with Creed when Apollo died in the Rocky movie. Nobody thought Smith was going to win, just like nobody expected Apollo to win, or die for that matter. It was an exhibition fight. Cyborg barely broke a sweat. In fact, she broke more of a sweat walking from the locker room to the Octagon than she did during the actual fight.

The funny thing is that Smith was upset when the ref stopped the fight. Upset? He just saved you! If that fight had gone on any further at that point she MIGHT’VE pulled an Ivan Drago and killed her. Cyborg’s strength is unbelievable. Those hammer fists when Smith went down? Crippling. I think Smith should be counting her blessings. If it were me, I would’ve just taken a quick punch to start the fight, went down, lost, grabbed my paycheck and took a vacation to Cabo. There’s no way Smith was winning this fight. I know that sounds strange considering we were more or less saying the same thing about Ronda and Holly, but Holly was a boxing champion and a great fighter. Ronda said herself Holly was an awful matchup for her, before the fight.

Cyborg, on the other hand, came into this fight as if she was preparing to eat Smith for breakfast. Smith was clearly no match for Cyborg on ANY level of the fight game. The only question now, is what will Cyborg do next? We know Ronda is doing this whole movie deal thing, so God only knows when she will be back. Miesha already has a fight scheduled with Amanda Nunes for UFC 200 in July, and Holly will fight just weeks after that against Valentina Shevchenko.

So, I suppose it LOGISTICALLY makes sense for Cyborg to defend her Invicta title. I just don’t see the point. I’d say she should just wait for a big money fight, but that’s just me. What do you guys think?

[Update: The morning after the fight, Cyborg tweeted this out. Shots fired.]


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