Cory Redding: “The winning comes easy” when you serve one another

GLENDALE, Ariz. – Defensive end Cory Redding is on his fifth team – the Arizona Cardinals – since coming into the NFL in 2003.

You’ll have to pardon his giddiness.

“I’m excited just to play the game of football. Everyday above ground is a great day, so that’s my mentality,” Redding said. “I’m always happy, I’m always energetic, because life’s too short to be mad about anything. I just take every day for what it is and roll with it.”

Redding made it a point of showing up to Arizona’s strength and conditioning program this week, to get a feel for his new surroundings and teammates, and to also get an early jump on getting in even better shape than he was in before he arrived with the team.

“So far, so good. All the guy’s mindsets are straight. It’s all about coming in working,” Redding said. “Everybody knows that we’re a team, but at the end of the day, everybody’s fighting for a job and everybody’s fighting for position, so you want to put your best foot forward, and we understand that.”

Cardinals’ head coach Bruce Arians and Colts’ head coach Chuck Pagano both raved about Redding and the level of leadership that he brings to a locker room. Redding says the reason why he’s admired so is because he stays true to himself, he knows who he is and exactly what he brings to an organization.

“I’m gonna give everything I got on the field and off the field the same. I try to treat people right and I try and do it by the book,” Redding said. “That’s how I know, that’s how I know to work, that’s been my M-O since the day I put on the cleats.”

Redding was at a crossroads in his career. He says he sat at home during the offseason, thought things over, and he knew he still had “some juice in the tank,” so as soon as the free agency period hit, he contacted his agent, Kennard McGuire, and told him he was “ready to roll.”

Redding’s relationship with Arians from their year together in Indianapolis made it simple for him to transplant himself in the Southwest – a long way from colder weather cities he’s played in like Detroit, Mich., Indianapolis, Ind., Baltimore, Md., and Seattle, Wash.

“I saw an opportunity to play in the South in some warm weather, so I was like, ‘Hey, sign me up!’” Redding said.

Having beautiful weather year-round and being under Arians once again made the decision an easy one to make for Redding.

“It was just easy to make the commitment because I know what kind of person he [Arians] is. He’s a no-nonsense kind of guy, keeps it straightforward. All he wants is your best,” Redding said. “Having him lead the team in 2012, along with Coach [Chuck] Pagano and his situation [leukemia], I saw a lot of good qualities out of B.A. [Bruce Arians].”

“I knew that if he was ever in this position on his own, he’d be a heck of a head coach and I told him that one day in practice, and the rest is history,” Redding said.

Redding will be the elder statesman on Arizona’s defensive line. In fact, if linebacker Larry Foote decides not to come back and moves to the coaching staff, Redding will only be behind long snapper Mike Leach in terms of years of service. Leach will be heading to his 16th year, while Redding will be heading to his 13th.

As Redding moves through the latter stages of his career, he says his role with the Cardinals is very simple: to make everybody around him better.

“I want to give my best foot forward to the team and put team first,” Redding said. “Come in and talk about unity, and getting together with your teammates, and playing hard for one another on the field, selling out for one another, serving one another.”

“That’s what it’s all about. Once you get into a “service hood,” so to speak, the winning comes easy, because everybody will fight for one another because they care about that person,” Redding said. “We’re only a team for one year, this season, so why not make the best of it this year and fight for one another for this year. Then next year, we’ll do it again.”




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