College Football Top 20 by 9-15-2011

This weekend of college football should be very entertainment. #1 ranked team Oklahoma battles #5 Florida State in a game that I’ve been looking forward to since last year when Oklahoma put a old fashion butt kickin’ on the Seminoles.

Other games of interest: #14 Michigan State travels to South Bend to battle Notre Dame. If the Irish lose this game, they are beyond being in trouble and #15 ASU travels to play the Fighting Illini. This is big for ASU coming of a thrilling win against Missouri last week. This game can help define the Sun Devils as this time last year they lost on the road to Wisconsin in a game most thought ASU let slip away. top 20 is below:

1.Oklahoma 1-0
2.Alabama 2-0
3.Boise State 1-0
4.LSU 2-0
5.Florida State 2-0
6.0Wisconsin 2-0
7.Oklahoma State 2-0
8.South Carolina 2-0
9.Stanford 2-0
10.Texas A&M 1-0
11.Nebraska 2-0
12.Virginia Tech 2-0
13.Florida 2-0
14.Michigan State 2-0
15.Arizona State 2-0
16.Baylor 1-0
17.Texas 2-0
18.Ohio State 2-0
19.Arkansas 2-0
20.Auburn 2-0


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