College Football Top 20 by 10-11-2011

Oklahoma, the #1 team in the nation, rolled over rival Texas 55 – 17 in Austin. That was a very impressive win. Oklahoma was on the road and playing a rival so this kind of butt kicking does not happen often. #2 LSU and #3 Alabama looked great as usual. I say it every week, but when these two teams meet, Saturday November 5th, cancel all your plans that day and watch. For the first time all year, there were no changes in the top 9 ranked teams, as this last week could have been named “Blowout Saturday”.

Games of interest this week include: #10 Michigan playing in state rival #19 Michigan State. This will be a good test for Michigan. #6 Oklahoma State travels to Austin to play Texas. Texas will show what they are made of this week. After being embarrassed by Oklahoma, will they show Longhorn heart against Oklahoma State or are they looking at another blowout. Unranked Ohio State goes on the road to play #13 and undefeated Illinois. This will be a dog fight because there is no love lost on Ohio State by the Illini fans. The last must watch game of the week is #15 Arizona State vs. #9 Oregon. If the Sun Devils win this game, they will game instant credibility nationally. Arizona State has a real opportunity as Oregon’s best player, running back LaMichael James, may not play. top 20:

1.Oklahoma 5-0
2.LSU 6-0
3.Alabama 6-0
4.Boise State 5-0
5.Wisconsin 5-0
6.Oklahoma State 5-0
7.Stanford 5-0
8.Clemson 6-0
9.Oregon 4-1
10.Michigan 6-0
11.Georgia Tech 6-0
12.Arkansas 5-1
13.Illinois 6-0
14.Kansas State 5-0
15.Arizona State 5-1
16.Nebraska 5-1
17.South Carolina 5-1
18.Virginia Tech 5-1
19.Michigan State 5-1
20.Houston 6-0


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  1. avatar Phil says:

    ASU finally getting respect!!!!!

  2. You are a very smart individual!

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