Cardinals share their thoughts on Stuart Scott

TEMPE, Ariz. – The world lost a great human being on Sunday. Former ESPN anchor and personality Stuart Scott passed away early Sunday morning after a long bout with cancer.

Scott left us too young at age 49. He arrived on the scene at ESPN in 1993 in time for the launch of ESPN 2, and from there, he took over the sports broadcasting circuit with his great catch phrases “Boo-yah,” and “As cool as the other side of the pillow.” Scott was a fresh voice for a new generation of sports viewers. He was a polarizing voice – you either loved his style, or you didn’t. One thing is certain: when Scott’s voice came through your speakers, he commanded your attention.

A few members of the Arizona Cardinals shared their thoughts on Scott and what he meant to them and the indelible mark he leaves on the sports world:

Cardinals’ head coach Bruce Arians:

“We lost, I think, one of the best members of the media I’ve ever dealt with, Stuart Scott, passed away. That’s more real than a football game. You guys lost a great ally and a friend – we lost one, too. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family.”

Defensive end Calais Campbell:

“He was definitely one of the pioneers of the analyst world. I’ve met him a few times, he was a great guy to be around [with] a very good spirit.”

“It’s sad when you lose a guy like that who meant so much to the business, he changed the personality. It’s sad, but hopefully he lives in heaven now.”

“It’s always tough when you lose a great man like that.”

Cornerback Antonio Cromartie:

“I’ve met him a few times. A great guy. The only thing I can do is wish his family well.”

“He’s been fighting cancer for so long. I don’t know how to come to [deal with] it.”

Safety Tony Jefferson:

“That’s very sad. I remember watching him on the ESPY’s, and he gave that speech. I kind of thought things were going upward for him at that point, and then I just found out the news this morning. It’s very sad. We lost a great one.”

Tight end Rob Housler

“It’s rough. Hearing something like that, even though you know he’s been fighting [cancer], and you know it’s a very public fight as well and an inspiring one at that, it’s been hard.”

“He’s an institution. He’s the kind of guy you remember. It’s funny to say that someone who talks about sports can have such an impact and influence in your life, but he’s that kind of guy.”

“It’s gonna be hard. It’ll be an adjustment and I’m sure everyone in sports media feels the same way. It’s not that easy.”



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