Calais Campbell over what happened in Denver; moving onto Redskins

TEMPE, Ariz. — Cardinals defensive end Calais Campbell made his way into the locker room on Wednesday wearing a brace on his right knee – the very same right knee that was chop blocked by Broncos’ tight end Julius Thomas in Denver, Colo., on Sunday.

Thomas was fined $8,268 for the chop block – the maximum fine that can be levied for a first time offender – yet he’s still able to practice and play for the Broncos. In Campbell’s case, he’s out for at least three weeks as he rehabs the knee and gets back to form.

Campbell had his usual low-key demeanor when asked to share his thoughts on Thomas’ fine.

“It makes sense,” Campbell said. “I’m glad the NFL did something and hopefully won’t do it no more.”

When asked if he thought the league should’ve laid out a stiffer penalty – i.e. a suspension – to Thomas, Campbell maintained his belief that the league did the right thing.

“I understand the NFL has rules and guidelines and they followed them, and that’s good enough for me,” Campbell said.

Thomas said after the game that he tried to reach out to Campbell through one of the other Cardinal players to apologize for what happened. Campbell got that word, but he said Thomas had other ways to get in contact with him if he really wanted to express his regrets.

“He could get my number if he wanted to, but it’s all good,” Campbell said.

Campbell is understandably frustrated because of the situation he’s put in, but he’s not letting that affect him.

“I can’t let that add to the frustration, I gotta just let it go and move past it,” Campbell said. “It’s frustrating to get hurt in a situation where it really could’ve been avoided, but you can’t do nothing about it now.”

What Campbell wants to do now is focus on the Washington Redskins, who come to Glendale, Ariz., on Sunday, and help in anyway possible to get the team back on the winning track, starting with giving the rookie Kareem Martin some pointers on how to play the position.

“I give Kareem a lot of pointers, too much to tell you right now,” Campbell said. “Number one is just be violent and be confident in what you’re doing.”

“Whatever you do, just go full-speed [and] if you make a mistake don’t worry, just make it fast and just play football as hard as you can,” Campbell said. “The end result is to get to the guy with the ball [and] you can’t go wrong.”









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