Brad Mills out in Houston.. The job no one should want!

The worst firing that will take place in Major League Baseball this season happened Saturday night in Houston, when the Houston Astros fired manager Brad Mills following a 12 – 4 loss to the Arizona Diamondbacks.

The Astros who have a record of 39 – 82, have a roster the rivals more of a Triple-A team then a Major League team.

The Astros will continue to get crushed with this roster next year when they move to the American league. If this pitching staff can’t pitch to National League teams and they can’t score enough runs to beat National League teams, imagine what will happen when they face a DH on a consistent basis.

This season, they did nothing to help Brad Mills be successful. In fact they were so busy cutting payroll, winning appeared to be the lowest thing on their agenda.

This became obvious when they moved pitchers:  J.A. Happ, Brandon Lyon, David Carpenter Brett Myers and Wandy Rodriguez. Add to that, outfielder Carlos Lee and third baseman Chris Johnson, they are now left with one roster player that makes more than $750,000 per year.

Their overall payroll is just over $21 million dollars. That’s down roughly $40 million dollar from the $61 million dollar payroll they had to start the season. Mind you, they just sold for $615 million dollars which gives new owner Jim Crane the right to slash payroll but not ticket prices.

It’s a disgrace that MLB would allow this to happen. You hear so many times that small market teams can’t compete with the New York’s and Boston’s of the world, but here you have a large market city in Houston throwing in the towel.

The New York Yankees Alex Rodriguez will make more this year than the Astros payroll and that’s sad. It’s one thing to plan for the future, it’s another thing to give up and not try to put a product on the field for your home crowd.

But MLB allows this and then will sit back and come up with committees to figure out why baseball is not keeping up with other major sports in popularity.

In terms of Mills, he was put in a no win situation. Rebuilding is one thing but they literally gave him a gun without bullets and expected him to have a good hunting season. There is no realistic way upper management could have believed they would have a better record than they have at this point of the season.

Someone will take this job because it’s one of the few opportunities anyone will have to lead a major league team, but take it knowing you will fail and upper management will help ensure that.

So new manager, AKA sacrificial lamb, just remember; Brad Mills, Cecil Cooper and Phil Garner, the last three managers before you that were all fired from what is becoming the worst manager job in the business.


Thanks ESPN and AP


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