Bobby Hurley: “It takes two to tango” in Wildcats/Sun Devils rivalry

GLENDALE, Ariz. – Bobby Hurley was a part of THE greatest rivalry in all of college basketball: Duke/North Carolina. During his four years [1989-1993] with the Blue Devils, Hurley went 6-7 against the Tar Heels during the regular season and postseason.

Hurley now has a chance to be a part of another college basketball rivalry, in Arizona/Arizona State. On a national scale, it’s nowhere close to what Hurley experienced back in Durham, N.C., and Chapel Hill, N.C., and in other parts of the United States in that rivalry, but it’s a major deal here in the Grand Canyon State.

“I got a feel for it already. Just being the brief amount of time I’ve been in town you get a taste for it,” Hurley said. “I’ve been in a few of those myself with Duke/[North] Carolina and what that means.”

“It’s going to be a lot of fun. It takes two to tango,” Hurley said. “I live for those kind of games. As a competitor, I think I’m a top competitor, and those are the games I want to play and compete in. It’s gonna be a lot of fun.”

Hurley hasn’t had a lot of time to survey his team and see where they stack up against the Wildcats and the rest of their future competition. What he has seen is a team with a good core that made an NIT run last season. To Hurley, that’s something he can build on.

“There’s some talented guys in the locker room,” Hurley said. “Postseason is what it is. Making the NIT, you’re playing in [the] postseason. I know it’s not the ultimate expectation at a place like Arizona State, but it’s still a very solid accomplishment.”

“There were guys that were on that team that I wanted to just begin the process of them getting familiar with me and learn about each other,” Hurley said. “As we move forward, we’ll have individual meetings and then we’ll get to business on the court. They’ll get a taste of how I work, and my style and we’ll go from there.”




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