20141227_135459Paul Richardson is the founder of TheSportsKave and the host of The Kave Show. The Kave show has been on air in Phoenix for more than 5 years. Paul is originally from Chicago and is a diehard Bulls, Bears and White Sox fan. He attended Arizona State University and is known for saying “Once a Devil always a Devil”. He also worked for The Chicago Skyliners of the ABA (basketball). Paul has been a guest host on several other valley shows and will talk sports at any time.

The Kave Show covers all local Phoenix sports with a national roundup.

You can read articles written by Paul and his Krew of other writers, listen to podcasts or even listen to The Kave Show live on Blog Talk Radio every Wednesday and Thursday at 10am by simply clicking on the listen live button from your computer or any smart device @www.thesportskave.com. And catch The Kave Show Minute Round Up on KFNN 1510AM Phoenix.

Remember Kave is always with a “K”

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Derek HSDerek Montilla is a lifelong sports fan and covers the Arizona Diamondbacks (MLB), Wrestling and all sports national and local.

You can read Derek’s writing on TheSportsKave,com or you can listen to him as a co-host on The Kave Show. Derek is also the co-host of The Kave Show, The DirteeSheets and TheSteelCage.

Derek also is the host of the podcast Minutes with the Mayor.

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JohannaJohanna-Rosalye Luna is an Arizona native that has been a contributor for The Sports Kave for 3 years. A baseball lover and sports enthusiast that loves the Arizona Diamondbacks and the Boston Red Sox

Johanna attended Glendale Community College and Arizona State University where she studied Mass Communication and Journalism.

Joanna has been part of the Hispanic Heritage Baseball Museum Hall of Fame for over six years. She also oversees the HHBM Network which began in 2015.

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Sandy HSSandy Balazic is an Arizona State graduate that started as an intern for The Kave Show.

Sandy is an investigative writer and reporter. She is also a graphic designer.

Sandy contributes and covers Arizona State athletics.

Sandy is an incredible writer that not just covers sports but also the stories behind he story.

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