Stipe Miocic defeats Fabricio Werdum for the Heavyweight Belt

“I’m the champion of the world! I’m the champion of the world! I’m the champion!”. Those were the words screamed by Stipe Miocic after he became the newest UFC Heavyweight Champion of the World.

It was clear that Fabricio Werdum had some ring rust entering the Octagon, as he hadn’t stepped in the ring in almost a year. He came out looking a bit anxious and was looking for an early takedown. Werdum got a little too eager and became too focused on landing punches, dropped his hands, and got rocked.

Now, I know you guys have all been clamoring to read my articles ever since you heard on the Kave Show I was going to be Interning. So here I am, you can start clapping now. Thank you, you’re too kind.

This fight ended in a hurry. There wasn’t too much going on when the fight began, as both fighters were trying to feel each other out, as is the way 99.9% of fights go. Werdum knew he had to get the juices flowing early on because Stipe is the kind of fighter who likes to take the fight to you from the get-go.

So, a transcription of the pinnacle of the fight would be rather short. Werdum found himself in a bad spot, so he tried to make a charge at Stipe and got smashed by a counter. Then on wobbly legs, he again tried to charge at Stipe, who just walked backward and clocked the champion with a perfect right counter that sent him crashing to the canvas.

It was kind of like Werdum just spaced out for a second. He’s such a polished fighter and dropping your hands is not something you frequently see from an experienced fighter, especially not that of a champion. How many of you have seen that meme of the tv show character Mr. Krabs? This hilarious meme sets the scene in the Octagon. 

searchWerdum got punched, went down, the fight was stopped by the referee, and then…his face. He looked like I did when I realized I was an hour late to my fantasy baseball draft earlier this year and I had the first pick. He looks like I would have had I had the first pick and my computer froze at the last second and it auto drafted Derek Jeter. He looked like…just, hopeless. He had no idea what was going on for a second. I’m pretty sure he told his trainer “did I just KO’d?”

The punch hit him right on the chin. It was perfectly placed. Now I might add here that the trend has now continued. We haven’t had back to back heavyweight title defenses in years. This heavyweight belt must be covered with butter because nobody seems to be able to hold on to the thing. I can imagine Werdum’s interview after losing the belt: “Fabricio, can you explain what happened out there? How did you lose the belt?” “It slipped, I just ate popcorn.” Sounds like Brucie from the Longest Yard.

No, but really, I’ve got to give respect to both of these guys. Fabricio is a world-class fighter and gave it everything he had, but he just got a bit sloppy at the end there, and Miocic took advantage. Decent fight, great ending. Seriously, though, who’d have thought Stipe Miocic would win a title for Cleveland before LeBron did? Werdum claims he’ll be champion again, and I believe him, considering nobody can defend titles in the heavyweight division. Although I don’t think he’ll knock out Stipe. I think that it lasts 4 rounds, and Werdum wins the rematch via Submission. Catch more of my articles when UFC 199 rolls around.


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