PLR… 1 minute with Dbacks Jake Lamb

After playing 151 games for the Arizona Diamondbacks last season, Jake Lamb has settled nicely in his role as their everyday starting third baseman.

Lamb scored 81 runs, hit 29 home runs while driving in 91 runs all with a .249 batting average. But he has not rested as he continues to look to get better.

“Just finding a rhythm and a routine out here. Not really working on just one thing.” Lamb said.

Lamb talked about just getting better and building. However, when he was asked about his teammate Paul Goldschmidt representing the USA for the baseball world classic he said, “What a great honor to play for the USA” and he stated that Goldschmidt was the “perfect selection”.

When asked if they gave Goldschmidt a hard time, he smiled and said, “a little” but “not too much”.   


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